Our Sales & Marketing Manager Jemma has been with the Paper Straw Group since day one and has worked on building every element of the business from the design of our website, branding and the launch of our innovative new product.

Jemma comes from a corporate background, her previous job was with one of the world’s largest leisure park operators where she saw a huge amount of single use plastic and of course straws being used on a daily basis.

Over recent years Jemma has become more and more environmentally conscious, starting by making some small changes at home to reduce the amount of single use plastics and their carbon footprint. More importantly she has instilled the importance of making such changes on her young family. So when the opportunity to head up sales and marketing and be involved with the Paper Straw Group from its formation, she jumped at the chance.

Jemma is the first to admit that before she started at Paper Straw Group, she thought she had a good understanding of the issue of single use plastics. She said “Paper Straw Group was formed through a desire to do something positive for the environment, at that time I thought I had a good understanding of the issue but it was only when I undertook extensive research that I realised how little I actually understood. For instance, most of the bulk environmentally friendly products available use so much plastic with wrapping that it is astonishing how anyone could remotely claim that the product is environmentally friendly. In the case of straws most of the current paper straws available are manufactured in China which means the carbon footprint in transporting them across the world also makes the product far less environmentally friendly than what is claimed by the manufacturer. And the most startling discovery of all with the research I conducted was that the glue used in the paper straws currently available contains micro plastics which is horrifying. So when we set out to manufacture our paper straws we insist that our straws must be 100% biodegradable and contain absolutely no plastic with the straw itself or any of its packaging. This presented some challenges to bring such a straw to market but we have achieved exactly that and are very proud of that fact”.

The Paper Straw Group is based in Woking, Surrey and Jemma has been heavily involved in the #PaperOverPlastic campaign to make the County of Surrey the first in the UK to be plastic straw free. She has worked with Surrey County Council along with its Boroughs and Districts and some of the Business Improvement Districts in the county to make this dream come a reality. Such is the impact of the campaign it has even come to the attention of the Minister of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove.

If you would like to talk to Jemma about how you can make your business plastic straw free please make contact and Jemma will be delighted to get in touch.