All your questions answered about Paper Straw Group's 100% plastic free paper straws.

For wholesale and at home party use.

Are paper straws biodegradable and compostable?

Made from sustainable FSC paper, our straws are completely biodegradable. They will decompose and break down when left out in nature.  There are no microplastics in our glue or ink guaranteeing that all our straws are 100% plastic-free.

Are paper straws marine safe?

They are as safe for all animals as they are for humans.

Where are the straws made?

All our straws are made in the UK at our factory in Woking, Surrey.  All our paper, inks and glue supplies are sourced from the UK and Europe.

How long do paper straws take to decompose?

Our paper straws will decompose in 60 days.

Are paper straws recyclable?

Yes, our paper straws are recyclable, they are made from FSC recyclable paper and 100% plastic-free glue.

Why are paper straws better for the environment?

Unlike single-use plastic straws, which can take up to 200 years to decompose our paper straws will only take 60 days.

How do I find the right sized straw for the drinks we serve?

We offer a full range of straws to suit a variety of different drinks e.g. we would recommend a wide straw for thick smoothies, please see our size guide for further information.

Are paper straws suitable for hot drinks?

Our straws are made for chilled drinks only, using them in hot beverages will make the straws disintegrate faster.

How will the straws be delivered?

All our packaging is recyclable. Depending on the quantity ordered, we offer a range of different sized boxes. We also offer a bar dispenser which is fully recyclable. There will not be any plastic protection used in our packaging.