We are living in unprecedented times. Brexit is nearly complete and a worldwide pandemic has applied an emergency brake to virtually every economy in the world. As we gradually start to dip our toes in the waters that are the new normal, one positive outcome has been the new focus on British manufacturing. Buying British has many exciting possibilities and there are many great reasons why this policy should be energetically pursued.

Over the past few decades, there have been many great British businesses that have disappeared from our landscape due to the increased pressures from globalisation. With them, we have lost years of knowledge, skills and craftsmanship that will be hard to replace.  Buying British not only keeps British people in jobs it also allows them to pass on these valuable skills, to future generations. 

One result of sourcing UK made products is that you will likely receive a high standard of service and benefit from the highest standards of quality and safety compliance. Should you have cause for complaint, it will be easier to deal with a UK based company.

If your aim is to produce as many products as possible in the shortest time for the maximum profit, the quality is probably the first thing to suffer. This has been evident in the clothing industry, where cheap low-quality garments have led to disposable clothing syndrome. The working conditions of the people producing the garments is another huge concern that we cannot ignore. Perhaps it is time, we all pay a little more for something that is produced with a lot more ethical responsibility. 

According to a recent report by the WWF, almost 50% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from emissions released overseas to satisfy UK-based consumption. If buying British can also lead to the reduction of our carbon footprint, which is one of the Government’s top priorities, well, why wouldn’t you?