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  1. Halloween Paper Straws

    Halloween Paper Straws
    The 31st of October is now synonymous with the celebration of Halloween. Modern-day celebrations generally involve groups of children dressed in scary costumes roaming from house to house, demanding “trick-or-treat”. Fearing the worst, intimidated homeowners normally hand over vast amounts of treats in the form of chocolates, sweets and sometimes cash to avoid whatever dastardly tricks may befall them. The...
  2. Paper Straw Spoons

    Paper Straw Spoons
    Time to invest in new technology Having taken the time to become experts in the field of paper straw production and spending two successful years mastering our craft, what better time to invest in new technology and expand our product offering. With Brexit complete, it is now even more important to manufacturer as much as we can in the UK...
  3. Personalised Party Bag Packs

    Personalised Party Bag Packs
    Personalised Party Bag Packs Your child’s birthday is always a very special occasion to celebrate. Seeing them surrounded by their friends and family as they grow up, gives us special memories that will last a lifetime. However, planning a birthday party for your little one can be a major challenge for some parents. There always seems to be a million...
  4. Paper Straw Breathing

    Paper Straw Breathing
    Did you know that breathing through a paper straw can help relieve anxiety? We can all agree that this year has been a tough one, particularly for people living with anxiety and mental health issues. Research done by Rethink Mental Illness shows that 80% of people living with mental illness say that Covid-19 has made their anxiety and mental health...
  5. Paper Straw Christmas Stocking Fillers

    Paper Straw Christmas Stocking Fillers
    It is a tradition that we all look forward to every year, the humble Christmas stocking. On Christmas morning children excitedly open their stockings to see what Father Christmas has brought them. Traditionally, stocking fillers were a variety of small, treats which were fun and relatively inexpensive. These days many parents now give toiletries or little games as well as...
  6. Paper straw size options

    Paper straw size options
    With the recent launch of our new 12mm extra-long straw being added to our already huge variety of straw sizes and widths, we thought we would take this opportunity to explain how to ensure you end up with the perfect paper straw for your requirements. How wide should your paper straw be? 6mm are the smallest straws we produce and...
  7. Personalised Paper Straws

    Personalised Paper Straws
    In today’s marketplace, customers have come to expect companies to tailor their products or services specifically for them. Consumers are always looking for the next big thing that will ensure they stand out from the crowd. These days, most products are available to personalise. Water bottles, phone cases, pens, keyrings and now face masks have become the norm in the...
  8. A Paper Straw for Every Occasion

    A Paper Straw for Every Occasion
    A Paper Straw for Every Occasion The Paper Straw Group is part of Optichrome Ltd, a third-generation printer focused on doing the right thing. Founded by Ken Stephens in the 60s – the same decade that saw plastic drinking straws widely adopted – Optichrome has evolved into a full-service communications business and leader in sustainable print. One of few printers...
  9. Paper Straw Games

    Paper Straw Games
    Perhaps it’s not the first thing you think of when you think about paper straws. You might think about reducing your plastic usage or improving your environmental credentials but we think paper straws can also be fun! So, we have created four different paper straw games for you and your family to enjoy. One of the first games we created...
  10. Why buy branded paper straws?

    Why buy branded paper straws?
    Businesses are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to promote themselves in an increasingly busy and competitive market place. In a world which, thanks to a global pandemic, has become increasingly dominated by the internet, most of today’s marketing activities are carried out online. It can not be denied that websites, emails and social media campaigns are all very...

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