With the recent launch of our new 12mm extra-long straw being added to our already huge variety of straw sizes and widths, we thought we would take this opportunity to explain how to ensure you end up with the perfect paper straw for your requirements.

How wide should your paper straw be?

6mm are the smallest straws we produce and are sometimes referred to as Sip straws, they are usually used for smaller cocktails.

8mm are the standard size straw that we are all used to receiving with our soft drinks in bars and restaurants.

10mm or the smoothie straw as they are sometimes called, are obviously more suitable for the thicker drinks such as smoothies, thick milkshakes, freshly squeezed juices and frappes.

12mm straws are the only ones wide enough for the tapioca boba for Bubble tea to pass through. Bubble tea is a delicious treat that is growing in popularity globally. The drinks are infused with sweet, thick tapioca pearls and are difficult to consume without an extra wide paper straw.

How long should your paper straw be?

Our paper straws now come in 3 different lengths.

146mm is the shortest straw or the Sip straw. This length is only available in the 6mm width.

200mm is the standard length and will work with most drinks. These are available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm widths.

240mm is the longest length we produce, and these are great for the very tallest refreshments. These are available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm widths.