Time to invest in new technology

Having taken the time to become experts in the field of paper straw production and spending two successful years mastering our craft, what better time to invest in new technology and expand our product offering. With Brexit complete, it is now even more important to manufacturer as much as we can in the UK and help to reduce the carbon emissions associated with importing products from abroad. So we have invested in new machinery that will allow us to produce the increasingly popular paper spoon straw. 

Paper Straw Spoons available now

We have used our time in lockdown sensibly and have now perfected the art of paper spoon straw making! These amazingly strong spoon straws are now available to buy on website. The paper spoon straw is most commonly used in smoothie bars and coffee shops where slushie drinks are served. It is a clever multifunction straw, as its name suggests, acts as both a straw and a spoon. 

The Environment

As always, environmental concerns are consistently at the top of our priority list. The Paper Straw Group was originally started in response to The Blue Planet documentary which highlighted the damage being done to our oceans and marine life. So, with our mantra, “if there’s a better way to do something, do it!” we are continually looking to innovate and achieve industry firsts. As such, we only work with progressive suppliers that share our social and environmental values. 

As with all our paper straws, our paper straw spoons are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. We only use paper that comes from the finest, climate friendly sources and the safest inks and glue that all meet FDA standards. Our paper straw spoons are 100% plastic free.

Consumers these days are far more environmentally conscious and through the manufacture of the paper spoon straw we can avoid millions of plastic particles polluting our environment for years to come.

Paper spoon straw durability

Nobody wants a soggy paper straw, so we have been working hard to make sure our paper straws are extra durable. Therefore, our new paper spoon straws are all 4 ply and will stay strong right to the end of your drink.