We set up Paper Straw Group with the specific purpose to help play our part in cutting down plastic waste in our oceans and local environment.

I was personally shocked when I watched the Blue Planet and saw the devasting effect that single use plastic has on nature and marine life. As I researched more into it, the statistics became even more shocking.

Nearly a million plastic straws are needlessly used every day in Britain. Many are only used for 20 minutes before being thrown away. The sad reality is that many aren’t disposed properly, making their impact on the environment even more deadly.

About 25 million tonnes of plastic a year ends up in our oceans. This is the equivalent of pouring an entire rubbish truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute. This number will likely double by 2030, and quadruple by 2050 if we don’t act now.

Even when single use plastic straws end up in landfills, they are still harmful to the environment. Plastic straws can take up to 200 years to decompose. The landfills can leak harmful pollutants and plastic can spill out and end up in the local environment.

The spotlight in the UK is firmly on the issue of plastic, which is amazing. However, there’s still a big education job to be done to make people realise what is really safe for the environment.

The majority of paper straws being used in Great Britain at the moment are sadly imported and contain micro plastics. When you add in the carbon foot print to ship the straws here, the environmental impact is huge in comparison to the lifetime use of a straw.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Paper Straw Group straws are not only 100% plastic free, but they are fully biodegradable, and can decompose in just 60 days. They are also compostable and recyclable, so whatever way you decide to throw them out, we’ll give you a green thumbs up!

We’re encouraging all paper straw suppliers to ensure their products are as green as possible. We’re also encouraging businesses across Surrey to make the switch to go plastic free and are offering free starter packs as part of the Surrey Straw Switch.

It may seem a small step, but by switching to 100% plastic free straws we can reduce the damage being done to our ecosystems around the world.

Paper Straw Group and I hope that you join us in our journey to reduce single use plastic waste and environmental harm, one paper straw at a time.