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Why buy branded paper straws?

Why buy branded paper straws?

Businesses are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to promote themselves in an increasingly busy and competitive market place. In a world which, thanks to a global pandemic, has become increasingly dominated by the internet, most of today’s marketing...

Buying British

Buying British

We are living in unprecedented times. Brexit is nearly complete and a worldwide pandemic has applied an emergency brake to virtually every economy in the world. As we gradually start to dip our toes in the waters that are the new normal, one positive outcome has been...

Could Paper Straws be useful in the battle to combat COVID-19?

Could Paper Straws be useful in the battle to combat COVID-19?

April 2020, the whole world was focused on one thing. Covid-19. This terrible virus sweeping through continents at an alarming rate, causing thousands of deaths and a dramatic economic slowdown as governments are forced to confine people to their homes. As we head...

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