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  1. Buying British

    Buying British
    We are living in unprecedented times. Brexit is nearly complete and a worldwide pandemic has applied an emergency brake to virtually every economy in the world. As we gradually start to dip our toes in the waters that are the new normal, one positive outcome has been the new focus on British manufacturing. Buying British has many exciting possibilities and...
  2. Could Paper Straws be useful in the battle to combat COVID-19?

    Could Paper Straws be useful in the battle to combat COVID-19?
    April 2020, the whole world was focused on one thing. Covid-19. This terrible virus sweeping through continents at an alarming rate, causing thousands of deaths and a dramatic economic slowdown as governments are forced to confine people to their homes. As we head into our ninth week of isolation, we see that some countries around the world are now at...
  3. Hulft – Branded Paper Straws for Awards Dinner

    Hulft – Branded Paper Straws for Awards Dinner
    Corporate events can take many forms, including company dinners, meetings, conferences and even recreational activities for employees. Whatever form they take, this type of activity plays a very important place in a companies’ marketing strategy. These events are a very effective communication tool, both at an internal and external level. They are effective in advertising the company’s products to potential...
  4. Silent Pool Gin

    Silent Pool Gin
    On the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate in the heart of the Surrey hills, a group of friends with a shared passion for craft distilling came together and transformed a cluster of dilapidated farm buildings into the home of Silent Pool Distillers. Drawn by a common passion, their aim was to produce handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality. Their original...
  5. Paper Straw Dinosaurs

    Paper Straw Dinosaurs
    Giving back to the community and making a difference is definitely part of our ethos. So, when we received a request from a local school for some white paper straws, we were more than happy to oblige. Reception pupils at a local primary school in West End, Surrey have been working on a project about dinosaurs. To help with their...
  6. The Buying Guide for Paper Straws

    The Buying Guide for Paper Straws
    Switching to paper straws couldn’t be easier, to help remove some of the stress we have put together this simple guide for establishments that buy and use drinking straws. Following the change in the law that comes into effect in April 2020, there will be a complete ban on single-use plastic straws within the UK. This can be viewed as...
  7. Ginger Ray

    Ginger Ray
    Ginger Ray is a growing online retailer that sells designer and innovative products for all types of celebrations, be it baby showers, weddings or trendy teen birthday parties. If you’ve searched for inspiration for a party, wedding or birthday party or seen something on Instagram the likelihood is that you can source this at Ginger Ray. Their core values are...
  8. Corona Virus

    Corona Virus
    We have received reports that some straw manufacturers based in China are closing their factories in fear of spreading the virus further. Straws during this time are not being exported and delaying a number of orders coming to the UK.  In light of these reports, we would like to confirm and reassure our customers that all our straws are 100...
  9. Not on the High Street

    Not on the High Street
    Where is the first place you go when you are looking for wonderful gifts, made for the favourite people in your life? When your mission is to find the most thoughtful, heartfelt and original gift for someone you love.  Over the last 10 years, has been building a reputation for being the “home of thoughtful” gifts and we are...
  10. 20-inch Paper Straws

    20-inch Paper Straws
    “Where do you go when you need to purchase thousands of twenty-inch paper straws?” This was the question that Sam Conway from Anthrocon asked himself when he decided it was time to ditch the plastic straw. After years of buying huge quantities of plastic straws for the Anthopomorphics Conventions, he suddenly realized that these plastic straws would be around in...

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